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3rd May 2012


Too Busy to Get Busy? 5 Quick Tips to Get it in.

My significant other and I have a healthy appetite for one another. In fact, I’d say before life got so busy, we might have been considered over indulgers, spending hours at a time romping around in bed together.Too Busy to Get Busy? Try These Quick Fixes!

Busy lives can often change the amount of time a couple has to devote between the sheets, but it doesn’t mean that your relationship has to lose its luster.  Although it sometimes feels like I barely have time to take a shower, it’s easy to squeeze in some play time with the one I love as long as I remember that it’s quality not quantity that counts.  Speaking of showers:

5. Be an environmentalist and save water!

Who says getting ready for work can’t be sexy? Try waking up a little early and hopping in the shower together for some early bird action. By steaming up the bathroom with more than just hot water, you start your day off on a fun and sexy note.

4.  Talk Dirty to Me

Sometimes work or family requires that you have to travel, often without your significant other. After a long hard day, unwind a little by calling your significant other to recap your day and maybe mention what you’d like to be doing instead with him right at that moment. Cliché’? Maybe. But a little bit of sexy phone talking never hurt anyone…in fact, quite the opposite.  After a few days of being a away from each other and sexy phone calls each night, the anticipation will be built so high you won’t be able to keep your hands off one another. 

3. Try an Afternoon Delight

Lunch hours aren’t just for satisfying your appetite for food.  If you find yourselves with time in between meetings or running errands, instead of stopping to have that cup of joe at Starbucks, meet up at home and have a little playtime of your own.

2. Cop a Feel When Nobody’s Watching

Remember the days trying to sneak in make out sessions and quick kisses before your parents came home? Feel like a teenager again and relive the exhilaration of almost getting caught the next the in-laws or neighbors come over for dinner.  Sneak away around the corner in the hallway and plant a good one on your significant other…if you’re feeling exceptionally frisky add a little squeeze as well.

1. Hit the Road Jack

Sometimes you just have to get away. As difficult as it might be to find time, it is important that every now and then you and the one you love get some alone time.  In the best of worlds, you’d get away for a steamy overnight at a hotel (even if it’s only minutes from your house!), but even just a date night out can make all the difference in keeping yourselves on the same page.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but by remembering the little things that keep passion alive, you can be busy and still get busy.

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